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A Security System Is A Necessity In Today’s Cosmopolitan World

The key to having an effective alarm system is the careful selection and placement of the detection devices, so as to best suit the environment and risk level. This is why the services of a qualified security expert who is able to advise on the appropriate placement of all detection devices is important.

Audio Video Advantage offers state-of-the-art security alarm solutions to help you protect your property 24/7. We offer 24/7 monitoring of your home and equipment through our cellular radio network reporting to our advanced Central Station monitoring facility.

With remote access, you can easily and remotely monitor your home systems from a remote distance whenever and wherever you may choose.

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Provide yourself with the unequaled benefit of live video monitoring of your property

Maintain reliable oversight of your residential or commercial property with high-quality closed-circuit and IP camera systems. Whether you’re home or away, an up-to-date surveillance system allows you the freedom to view and keep track of historical occurrences around your home or commercial property. Gain peace of mind with a CCTV/IP camera system and safeguard the security of your assets.

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